yeah I know i’m flawed

I hate being dull all the time.

There’s no spawn to true happiness or true hatred, nor does it entail anything to be achieved. Every inch of vibration is an art, that is jealous of your own flesh. Our minds sense that these laws can be broken, records can be placed… limitations can be warped. We thought that this universe was more beautiful than the being that mirrors it effortlessly. We really sunk into our own desires and forgot that we are the creators, we hold dominion over the land… this was the gift of eden, and it is still a promised land.. run towards it and never look back.

"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide."

- Donald Winnicott   (via brainsoulconscious)

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i see how they beat you
i don’t see how 
beat you
there is no you

Idk how deep my love for you will get, but I know it will never end.


eyin (2002)


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