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Watch me pierce through peace
botch the popes robes, leave the priest in a jesus pose
golden rose, I arose through prose and pieced a holy throne
knowledge is stone, cold and broken

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leaving all my poems behind

All time spent is now going towards living, creating, and shaping my reality.

babbling, bitching, writing
guess if I’m deciding to be the person I should be, I have to eventually change myself. The world will never bend for you, it’s made of the same thing you’re made of.. energy.. bend your mind, it’s all connected.

Tired of being the sad romantic, it only manifests your reality to give you just what you give off. I already did this shit before… Everyone keeps walking the same path.. this energy you see is a clock. It’s going to repeat, so start recycling… changing the scenery. I remember when I died before I was born, Saw everyone appear as they did in dreams before I even knew how to explain them. I felt as a samurai, meditating before falling on his own blade this whole time. Everyone always wants to see the “positive” side of us, yet they never want to accept us for who we are. So be whoever the fuck you were born as, lying about it only hurts others in the long run.

I think I should delete my tumblr, I believe it encourages me to be sad and introverted.