Women love men with the pride of a lion
but do they love men who have the courage to fight one ?

"Women love men with the pride of a lion,
but do they love men who have the courage to fight one ?"

"Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art."

- Richard Avedon  (via jillonce)

(Source: streetworkproject, via jillonce)

You can always show love, but never…..never… ever.. do it just to receive it. 

maybe you’re the world
pretending to be my girl…

maybe those curls
are the galaxies whirling..

you may be the journey
I’m merely touring the glory of love…

lips of luxury, eyes of fire
desire is whim, to the higher lists you acquire
your mind in Aquarius, and mine is curious
in the dim shade of the earth, your worth gazes around her curves
I learned to love, but you..I’ve never heard of
just that, would sadden justice
I judged, and bludgeoned myself, the weight of your understanding
came tumbling down my shelf
couldn’t help but realize, couldn’t help but tell
merrily dispel the, you’re helping me climb out of hell
this twisted attraction, the sickly spell

society has two sides to their perception of you, we only ever see them judging one side

The accuser is quintessential to the fabric knowledge has created, in their fear your blood is drawn and their sins are washed. In the end, you’re destined to face the same thing one way or the other. It is your choice, but there has been many before you. So righteousness is yours once you realize this, you can fight but make your words and judgement based off that truth. Righteousness was never lost, it’s just everyone forgot what it meant to protect the truth.